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Med School Curriculum Leaders Gather at the National Academy of Sciences

Stanford professor discusses the promise and peril of technology in med education

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This summer, leaders from across the country gathered at the National Academy of Sciences in New York to talk about the future of med school curricula in the age of ever-increasing research and technology. One of the more interesting talks was given by Clarence Braddock III, MD, MPH of Stanford School of Medicine. In his presentation on "The Promise and Peril of Technology in Medical Education,” Dr. Braddock talked about the promise of educational technologies like high-fidelity simulation to stimulate the attention of current generation learners. “Current learners have a thirst for teaching methods that incorporate the various electronic media to which they have become accustomed,” he said. “Much of the increased emphasis on quality relies on electronic media as a tool to guide patient care.”
He does give a caution however about the limits of technology in medical education. “The public yearns for clinicians that can truly practice patient-centered care, and many commentators have lamented the erosion of bedside clinical skills, seeing them as a victim of an obsession in medicine with technology,” he said. “Reconciling the promise and peril of education technologies is one of the most important challenges of the next decade.”

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