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Patient perceptions of bias

 Annals Of Family Medicine: Clinicians' Implicit Ethnic/Racial Bias And Perceptions Of Care Among Black And Latino Patients – The researchers in this study had earlier conducted a study that found nearly two-thirds of primary care doctors showed some type of implicit bias that favored whites, "even as they rejected explicit expressions of bias." In the new study, they wanted to determine if the clinicians' explicit and implicit ethnic/racial bias is linked to minority patients' perceptions of the care they received. After surveying nearly 3,000 patients, they concluded that "clinicians' implicit bias may jeopardize their clinical relationships with black patients, which could have negative effects on other care processes. As such, this finding supports the Institute of Medicine's suggestion that clinician bias may contribute to health disparities. Latinos' overall greater concerns about their clinicians appear to be based on aspects of care other than clinician bias" (Blair et al., Jan-Feb/2013).


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