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The National Hispanic Medical Association & The Latino Commission On AIDS Establish Strategic Partnership

 The National Hispanic Medical Association & the Latino Commission on AIDS announced today in New York City their agreement to establish a groundbreaking partnership. Both organizations will develop a joint effort to complement their strengths and to continue aiming to reach healthy communities in the United States & Territories. 

“The strategic partnership under this collaboration will develop joint efforts throughout the country in response to the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and health disparities in our Hispanic communities” stated Dr. Elena Rios, President/CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association. 

Guillermo Chacón, President of The Latino Commission on AIDS, stated: “Our joint commitment to build this strategic partnership will be guided by the following principles: creativity, innovation, energy, and leadership from both organizations. The shared vision of bringing together resources, with the goal to advocate for the healthy growth and development of Latino/Hispanic communities” 

This partnership will be a positive and shining example of the power of active collaboration and cooperation to deliver unique services to the ever-changing health needs of Hispanic/Latino communities throughout the United States & Territories.

Established in 1994, in Washington, DC, the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA), is a nonprofit association representing 45,000 Hispanic physicians in the United States. The NHMA mission is to empower Hispanic physicians to improve the health of Hispanics with its public and private partners. For more information visit: 

The Latino Commission on AIDS (Commission) is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1990 dedicated to addressing the health challenges and addressing the impact of HIV/AIDS. The Commission is the leading organization coordinating National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day, National Latino AIDS Awareness Day and other prevention, research, capacity building and advocacy programs across the United States and its territories. Please visit: 


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