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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

June 19, 2011: Fathers Day & Research

Author: Amber Robins

 June 19, 2011

Dear Journal,
Today is Father’s Day. I really love days like this because it allows you to think about the contributions people have made in your life. Let me tell you, my Dad definitely has made a lot. All of these contributions have brought me to the place I am today. 
I mentioned before to you how my Dad’s experience with his spinal cord injury led me to medicine. His experience did more than just that though. My Dad taught me that even when you get knocked down, whether from a physical handicap, hard economic times, or any type of struggle, you can still get up. With times of hardship there should always be a glimmer of hope kept alive deep within. That lesson I will always love and embrace from my Dad. I am so grateful for him and my mother for raising me to be a loving, caring woman who always looks for the best in people. I love you Daddy and Mommy! 
Now, let’s get to what I did this week before I get too emotional. 
This week I started my research projects. With all research, it takes a little time to get things going. That’s exactly what happened this week. I am just so glad that things are moving along nicely now. I am ready to get down and dirty doing as much with these projects as possible. I’m so excited about them both! 
In addition to getting a kick-start on the research, I also shadowed two Gynecologic Oncologists in surgery. Let me say that surgery is AMAZING! It was a great experience that I hope to have again and again and again. I can see myself having surgery in my future career. I don’t know exactly how or where it will fit in but I know it will be in there somewhere. 
This week went by fast and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It ended with my friends and I hanging out and enjoying the smooth sounds of jazz at Rochester’s Jazzfest. Life is good, Journal! Life is sooooo good! Next week it will get even better because on Saturday I will be flying to Morocco to volunteer! YES!!!!!!!!
Amber Robins, MS2

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