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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

June 5, 2011: First week of vacation.

Author: Amber Robins


June 5, 2011
Dear Journal,
This week was simply marvelous because it was my first official week of vacation. My parents and I went to Destin, Florida and we really enjoyed it. The beach in Destin was very relaxing. It was definitely needed after this first year of medical school. While on the beach, so many thoughts ran across my mind.
I started to think about being a physician and having a family. I can’t tell you how many times this subject has come up with my classmates, family, and friends. I began to wonder how I would be able to balance my family life and career. Will I be able to strive for the career that I truly want while still being a great wife and mother? Would I be the type of mother who works while on vacation? Could I do both and not go crazy? The core of all of these questions was simply how my career would fit into my life. I’m not sure if all these thoughts are fears or doubts. All I know is that I will make a renewed promise to myself: no matter what I do, I must be true to myself and always remember what really matters in life. If I stay focused on my promise, I think I will be just fine.
I also had many other thoughts on my mind while I bathed in the sun on the beach. I thought about how different it felt when I visited home in Baton Rouge, La. When I went to my church, Greater King David Baptist Church, so many people looked at me differently than they did before. Many people looked to me as a physician even though I’ve just been in medical school for one year. Many of them had medical questions for me, and I had to keep emphasizing that I was not a doctor yet. In addition to people looking for medical advice, there were many young adults who were searching for a mentor. They wanted someone to talk to about their dreams, someone to inspire them to one day be a physician. I have to admit that being someone’s mentor is one of the greatest gifts in life. There is nothing like helping someone reach his or her dreams. I absolutely love it!
As you can see, my thoughts can go on and on and on. I have so much that I think about, it would be impossible to write it all down. I can tell you this, I am so grateful for the experiences that I have had thus far in life. With all the challenges that this year has brought, I’m still happy and loving medical school. I think I feel that way because I know that this journey is bigger than me. It is for my family and friends. This journey that I’m on is to inspire others to live their dreams. We all can do great things in this world!
Amber Robins, MS2


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