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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

May 1, 2011: Celebrate the small victories in life.

Author: Amber Robins

May 1, 2011

Dear Journal,  
This week was extra special because we had “Second Look Weekend” at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. “Second Look Weekend” is when students who were accepted to the medical school have the chance to revisit in order to make a decision on whether the University of Rochester is the right place for them. For these students we had many activities and mixers. The prospective students were given tours of the school and the city, sat in lectures, and had many other fabulous events catered to them. Having the possible future first-years at the school was so amazing!   
As a current first-year, the fact that prospective students were there solidified the realization that my first year in medical school is almost over. Some of the prospective students who were there will officially be first-years in only a few months. In a few weeks, I will be a second-year, which is hard to believe. It’s a very wonderful feeling! It’s nice to know that I can actually be successful in medical school. The simple fact that I made it through the first year being thousands of miles away from home and not succumbing to the many pressures of medical school is quite an achievement. Even though I have three more years to go, it is very important to celebrate the small victories in life. This is definitely a victory! I am excited for the years to come. Now, back to studying.  
Amber Robins, MS1

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