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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

April 23, 2011: Student National Medical Association National Conference

Author: Amber Robins

April 23, 2011

Dear Journal,
This weekend was so much fun! I went to the Student National Medical Association’s National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana and I truly enjoyed myself. I am so excited to let you know what happened!  
My friends and I from the University of Rochester went to the conference to represent our chapter as delegates. We landed in Indianapolis on Thursday and hit the ground running. Once we got there, that’s when the fun began.    
We arrived at the JW Marriot Hotel where the conference was held. The hotel was beautiful. They told us that the hotel just opened a few months ago which made our staying there extra special. After we arrived at the JW Marriot, we went to register and discovered all of the sessions that we could attend. The ones that jumped out to us all were the sessions about taking the boards. These sessions’ descriptions sounded great. After attending the Step One sessions, they truly did not disappoint us at all.   
The Step One sessions solidified the importance of doing as many questions before your test as possible. Also, the presenters demystified the rumor of the appropriate time length to study for the boards. Many of them suggested integrating studying within the medical course you take throughout the year. That means it’s alright to study more than 6 weeks before one takes the big test. We also received some free Step One preparation books and flashcards that I know will come in handy. The great things about the conference don’t stop there though.  
Many of my friends from my undergraduate, Xavier University of Louisiana, were at the conference. I was so happy to see so many Xavierites! It shows me just how great of an alma mater I attended that it continues to produce so many minority future physicians. Not only that, I was also very proud to be with everyone at the conference knowing that in a few years we all will be practicing as minority physicians. That’s absolutely amazing! I am so proud of us all!  
I am sure that I can go on and on about everything that happened at the conference, like the parties, meeting the Spectrum Publishing team who puts together this wonderful magazine, and the fact that my classmates and I came together to study for our test that awaited us when we returned to school. So many things occurred this weekend. All in all, the weekend was very enjoyable. I had so much fun! I hope to attend the conference again one day.   
Amber Robins, MS1 

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