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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

April 18, 2011: The med school formal!

Author: Amber Robins

April 18, 2011

Dear Journal,
This weekend was our medical school formal! It was a great event. I really enjoyed myself. Although the formal was fun, I must admit that the week leading up to the formal was somewhat funny to me. It seemed like our class had reverted to our younger selves, asking one another “who are you going with,” “what are you wearing,” “who would sit at our table for dinner?” It seems like everywhere I turned these questions were arising. It felt like we were preparing for the high school prom all over again. However, I noticed that these questions weren’t coming from everyone. Unfortunately, many of my close friends did not attend. (Close friends, I am calling you out publicly. You know who you are. I really missed you guys and gals! We all will have to go together next year.)
The formal was located in downtown Rochester which is a very vibrant atmosphere on the weekends. The décor of the formal itself was rustic and sophisticated. The decorations were excellent with lights and candles everywhere making a very intimate scene. It was wonderful to see everyone outside the school setting, especially seeing everyone dressed up in their best. I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to attending the formal next year. 
My excitement doesn’t stop at the medical school formal. It continues in to the end of this week when I’ll be attending the SNMA National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am so excited! Some of my friends from undergrad will be there. I look forward to seeing them and meeting so many others. I will definitely let you know how things go at the conference. 
Amber Robins, MS1

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