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Amber Robins: Diary of a Med Student

April 10, 2011: My name is Amber... and I just happen to be a medical student.

Author: Amber Robins

April 10, 2011

Dear Journal,  
I am so happy to be living and just being me! For such a long time I have been existing as a medical student and not doing things to make me, Amber Robins, happy. It is so easy to be wrapped up in the speed of school, feeling like I no longer have a grasp of life. Many days I felt that I lost who I was and had to sacrifice that in order to be a great physician one day. I thought the sacrifice was part of the transformation everyone must take in order to be a dominant figure in the field of medicine. Thankfully, today I am excited to lay that untruthful idea to rest. IT IS DEAD.   
In the voice of Jay-Z: allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Amber…and I just happen to be a medical student. I love to sing, dance, play the piano and sometimes the saxophone. I love being with close friends and watching their journeys in life. I appreciate the beauty of people learning from each other in order to be better in the end.  I like my country drawl that is most evident when I’m relaxed. I truly enjoy encouraging others even when at times it is hard to encourage myself. With all these pieces of me, I am excited to grow even more as I learn new things about myself.   
For instance, I am starting to learn that any information that is presented in class about a mother or newborn seems to always stay with me. If you ask those who know me, this is not so surprising. (I’ll just let you guess what type of physician I’d like to become.) This weekend I also found that I have a great interest in salsa dancing.   
My main point in all this is to just say: no matter where you are in life you should never lose yourself. Please don’t let the world miss out on you. You have to remember no one can master being YOU better than YOU.   
Amber Robins, MS1

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