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Dr. Valentine Burroughs Hired as Chief Medical Officer

East Orange Hospital Brings On Renowned Physician

East Orange General Hospital in New Jersey recently hired Valentine Burroughs, MD, MBA, as their new Chief Medical Officer.

Burroughs brings more than 25 years of patient care and administrative expertise to the position. His reputation for delivering innovative health services has led him to oversee numerous government and academic committees on improving the health status for minority communities. He is widely published in his field and has served as an associate professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Most recently, Dr. Burroughs served as the Chief Medical Officer for St. Francis Medical Center in Wilmington, DE and previously was Chief Medical Officer at North General Medical Center in Harlem, New York City.

Burroughs has a background in research for underserved communities, and is hoping to expand preventative care programs and spread awareness about the dangers of obesity and diabetes for minorities.

At a recent welcoming ceremony, Burroughs said minority communities are more at risk for those types of diseases, but that a renewed focus on outreach could improve the care many residents receive.

“We have to be more aggressive with screenings and preventative care,” Burroughs said. “I want to address the health care disparities, and assist minority communities and make sure they’re well-served.”

In addition to community outreach, Burroughs said he would like to see more segments of the population addressing the issues. More incentives for a healthier lifestyle are needed in East Orange, he said, including safe places to exercise, like parks; information disseminated to residents of all ages, beginning in classrooms; and access to grocery stores that provide more healthy choices.

“He’s a game changer,” said Kevin Slavin, president and chief executive officer of the hospital. “He’s going to have a profound effect on improving the health of our community for years to come.

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