About Us

About Spectrum

 Spectrum Publishers has been involved in publishing medical journals for minority premed students, medical students, residents, new physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals for over 20 years. We are dedicated to producing publications to inform minorities of the most current information available in the healthcare industry. Our publications include: the Journal for Minority Medical Students, Keepsake and The Young Scientist.  Our publications inform, provide guidance, and inspire the nation\'s minority medical and premed students, as well as help medical schools and research programs. Through Spectrum’s publications, our nation\'s medical schools are able to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in medicine.
Our Mission Statement
To bring information, guidance, and inspiration to the nation’s minority medical, premed and science students, as well as help medical schools and research programs increase the number of underrepresented minorities so we can eliminate health disparities.
In 1989, the Journal of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) was the group’s official publication. That journal grew from a small publication into one of the most influential media of its type. Four years later, we changed the name of our publication to the Journal for Minority Medical Students to refocus the Journal to all seg­ments of the minority medical student community: African Ameri­can, Asian Pacific Islander, American Indian, and Latino. We are not associated in any way with SNMA.
In 1992, we introduced the Keepsake: A Guide for Minority Science Students. This special resource was commissioned under the auspices of the Health and Human Services Administration.  It is designed to encourage minority science students to continue their pursuit of a career in the many related healthcare fields. The Keepsake, which is now an annual publication, is currently the most comprehensive source of information for minority science students.
To reach students who were interested in research careers, we introduced The Young Scientist: A Career Guide for Underrepresented Science Graduates, an annual publication.
Editorial Philosophy
Each quarterly issue of the Journal explores the most prominent issues facing minority medical students and the urban/rural communities in which they will eventually serve. Each issue of the Journal also features the latest developments in the training and education of minority medical students and residents; conversations with the deans of the major medical schools; interviews with minority role models; reports from the nation\'s capital on health related legislation; and the unique woman\'s perspective on medical issues. One of our most important editorial efforts is the development of the Special Report. This "journal within a journal" focuses on those thematic concerns which must be addressed by the medical community.



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